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Cell Phone Service Provider Poll


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    • Cingular
    • T-Mobile
    • Verizon
    • Sprint
    • Nextel
    • Centennial
    • All-tel
    • Prepaid: Virgin, Boose, Trac, Cell One
    • Home phone company provides my service
    • Other

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Well, in-directly yes...

I live in Minneapolis MN, and there were protestors out side of the cingular store back durring the At&t - Cingular merger...

I have some love for cingular, it was my first cell phone carrier untill I left the USA for 6 months and asked them to supend billing to my service untill i returned, with no regerts they agreed to stop billing me for 6 months, only to return to $817.00 worth of cell bills from cingular, and no way out...

I forgave them, and paid it...

I later switched to At&t before the merger, and got a really great deal on service! then a few months later the merger...

So now, upgraded my phone jan 2006, to a nokia.... phone sucked my fault...

So I switched to t-mobile in march 2006, and accepted the 250.00 i owed cingular, instead of sending me a bill they send my account to a collection agency, who messed with my credit a little, and after calling the company several times durring the 2 weeks after i dissconnected my service to figure out what's going on, i never got a str8 answer...

I was just glad to be done with them...

Not that I wouldn't go back for an iPhone!!!!! I would in a snap... but I think it's unfair to those who have other carriers, and found comfort in them...

Apple is a CORP selling much more then just cell phones, they shouldn't have to brand with any network, but leave it open at their set price, and disscount limits... we all know what we are getting when we buy apple inc products...

Other then that long story, I made this poll to give everyone a basic feel for whats out there, and give everyone the opertunity to voice their network, opinions, and expirences!

So we can all learn something!

Lets not be too critical here, point out the ups and downs of your expirence!!!!

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Verizon, aka the one of two decent companies in Oregon. Qwest/USwest is the other.

We're also weird with landlines, Verizon has half of Oregon and Qwest has the other half, so a lot of people are stuck with one company. (The Bruce Campbell had a bad experience with Qwest a few years back)

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Verizon. I'm happy with the service...But the bill has increased twice (I was originally paying $32.99 w/ 250 minutes/1000 weekends and now I pay $40.04 for the same amount).

That said, I upgraded my phone last year (for Christmas). It's nice. Verizon is cool, if not a little expensive.

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I'm still on an AT&T Corporate contract and rate with Cingular service. I just have to get unlocked phones or not break my AT&T Nokia 3120. I have an 8801 coming in the mail. :)

The iPhone, while slick and nice, won't replace a traditional phone for me. I can use a computer for free without an outrageous monthly bill for EDGE, push email, texting, etc. I found a nice Nokia 8801, which IMO has the perfect phone UI, for only $350.

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