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Controversy over Apple’s new iPhone

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As consumers we have made choices, and switched, maybe even switched back to cell phone networks from time to time. Price, quality, and service, are all part of the decision making process.

Cingular wireless has shut down most of it’s American call centers, and outsourced them to other countries, paying less pay, and providing less benefits. Not to forget cutting American jobs.

If you have ever been one of those customers who need a service rep to talk to, and end up getting; some one you barely understand, or some one who can’t understand you, then you are among 83% who have submitted complaints to the corporation “Cingular”.

You also mite be a victom of the “AT&T” “Cingular” merger, Prior to acquiring AT&T, Cingular Wireless company was the 2nd biggest provider of cellular communication services in America as measured by the number of paid customers. Cingular had over twenty four million consumers as of December 30, 2003, and reported over fifteen billion dollars revenue for the fiscal year 2003.

Before the merger of ATT and Cingular Wireless, Cingular promised that the AT&T Wireless customers would "continue to utilize the benefits of their existing equipment, phones, rate plans and features, without any service interruptions" and "it is only going to get better as we go forward!" Cingular's head sales & marketing executive said, 'The most tangible example of how Cingular wireless company is 'Raising the Bars' is the newly constructed and combined cellular network -- the biggest digital voice and data network in the United States of America."

After the merger took place, Cingular created a deliberate scheme to take apart the AT&T Wireless network and infrastructure in order to reduce the quality of the service provided to AT&T Wireless customers and force them to switch over to the Cingular Mobile network. Cingular Company basically stopped servicing & maintaining the AT&T Wireless network facilities and cell phone towers, as was noted in trade publications, television, and talk show radio.

AT&T Wireless customers have continued to complain of numerous dropped calls, and poor or no reception in many areas of the country.

Unhappy AT&T Cellular consumers were given the option to "make an upgrade" to Cingular wireless Services by (1) paying an eighteen dollar "transfer fee" or " contract upgrade fee" paid to Cingular, (2) buying new cell phones from the Cingular vendor, (3) start brand-new service contracts with Cingular Wireless that are usually a worse price or less free minutes compared to the customer's existing contract with AT&T Wireless, and (4) charging the consumer an additional eighteen dollar fee for the new SIM chip that is required to make the new cell phones work.

The old AT&T customer who do not want to purchase an "upgrade" offer are left holding the bag- given the choice of finishing their old contract with AT&T and have to live with the degraded or non-existent cell phone services, or by paying an early-termination contract fee of $175.00 to cancel the service before the end of the twelve or twenty-four month contract.

Now Apple Inc. has and is considering siding with a contract with “Cingular”, branding the phone a “Cingular” exclusive.

While most customers, who have put up with the nightmare issues of “Cingular”, and have switched to a new network, providing, the services, and cost effective plans we desire in 2007, vs Cingular’s “Barely changed rate plans since 2002” are stuck in the dark.

This revolutionary technology; that will change the way we interact with, cell phones, portable music, and daily organizers, forever.

The phone has not been cleared by the FCC yet, and the “Cingular” contract has not been signed. Now’s our chance to voice out to Apple Inc, to open a GSM version of their phone (Unbranded), or to deny exclusive contracting to one service providing company.

Start here!

Make a difference and free mac from boundaries, as we all know it has none.




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Apple will receive email, and a pony express mail from me twice a day every day or other day.

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