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iPhone Theme for Sony Erricson

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Firstly thanks for this great theme!

But there's a slight graphical glitch when in the File Manager menu, there's a black dot at the bottom of the blue highlight bar and it follows the blue bar wherever you scroll. It's only there in the File Manager menu and not others. Is it supposed to be like that?

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@ Generix. Yes, now when you said it, i now noticed this strane single pixel...

I dunno why its there, its whether in the Theme nor in the used png :-/

@ shockme: I dont understand Apple... They should be happy that we love their Design so much that we try to make all our devices looking like that instead of usind the concurrency-made-default

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Hey mikil I made a mod of your theme to suit my own likes and stuff, I thought u might wish to see it so yea, here it is. Also here is a short start up screen i made...


* I just changed small things like the background images and also added a kind of circle around the home button when you select left or right. Just small changes!


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Hi There,

I did my part on modifying the Theme.

I tweaked the menue a bit, there is some iPhone-like button as highlight instead uf the blurry dot, black background(And ,...

Further I added some the ringtone and an messagesound (submarine, known from Mail). And so on. Just minor changes, actually.

Work is going on...



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