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iPhone !

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good on them, was going to happen sooner or later. wouldn't rush out and get one myself, mainly because with 8gb storage it wouldn't be enough to use as an iPod. Near 30gb or more in my opinion. I can see a new iPod widescreen happening though with in the next 6 months or so, they obviously have the technology for it.

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Definitely.... I'd buy this one for sure, but I won't be selling of my iPod 20gig... why? cause It still remains my first choice in long tours.

But yet, for my everyday travel, 8GB suffice me well.... I can get rid of my phone use this instead. :)

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I don't know if I would drop $500 or $600 dollars. Plus Cingular's service sucks arse.

I've had Cingular service for over two years... no complaints here.

Better than my Verizon service on my company phone. That thing drops calls all the time.

The phone is still too pricey for me though.

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Good thing that I'm living in India, we don't have to buy phone+plan from network companies unless it's CDMA and that's also kinda changing soon.

Plus... we don't have 3G/UMTS or HS-whatever net connections over phone... so I give damn about them.

Plus... I'm ready to go downway to 8GB for my daily commute and keep my 20gig for long journey so that I can throw my cell away and give my jeans some free space love.

.. though it's kinda expensive.. one view through the QuickTime tours on apple website makes you feel the need to burn hole in your pocket.. ;)

...and anyways, it's shipping in June... that gives me enough time to scrape all the money I can till then to buy it.

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I hope they make the iPhone a universal phone in which you can connect it to any wireless service such as Cingular, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and other wireless companies.

Nobody makes a universal phone.

Cingular and T-Mobile are GSM while Verizon, Altel and Sprint are CDMA and Nextel is TDMA.

All 3 technologies cannot be incorporated into the same phone.

GSM phones use SIM cards to authenticate to a cell network while CDMA and TDMA phones use a built in IMEA and ESN to identify and authenticate to a cell network.

GSM phones and SIM cards are the best combo as you can put your carriers SIM card into any unlocked GSM phone and it will work.

Try that with a CDMA/TDMA phone... ain't gonna happen.

And Verizon will bastardize the iPhone into it's ugly red interface and BREW menu system if it ever got it's hands on it. Verizon IS evil.

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