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ChaosAbout 1.00


Yet another MacAbout-Clone... ;)

This time its a clone without usage of the .Net framework or manually editing

of the system settings.

ChaosAbout is using the cpuz.exe to find all the needed informations. This is

why the first start will last some seconds ... systeminfo.txt has to be written.

On some systems, ChaosAbout failes to write systeminfo.txt. If it happens to

you, start the CreateInfo.bat, it will create the information file. If you change your

CPU or RAM, you have to start CreateInfo.bat too.

Some CPUs might be shown incorrect. If your processor description is corrupted,

feal free to contact me, but please be shure you have checked http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php

for support of your CPU and please send me your systeminfo.txt file.

If you are missing the Startup-Disk information, then you have only one drive

or partition on your system. If your Startup-Disk is pronounced as "Not Namend"

then you have to rename your disk.


ChaosAbout is easy to skin. You just have to create a new folder in the subdirectory

'/skins'. Now you can copy the images from a given skin and manipulate them as

you like it. At the end you must write the name of the new folder into ChaosAbout.ini

under the key 'skin'. If you want, you can change the font here, too.





Download and more information


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