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3D Desktop for Windows?

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yodm is NOT a desktop manager, it's a PoS virtual desktops program.

Go search compiz on youtube, find out what it ACTUALLY is.

@NSS, Nope. Stardock WindowFX adds a few effects, but nothing like compiz.

I'd really recommend linux.

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I'll read posts next time, k?

If you have multiple monitors, definitely deskspace.

It's pricey, but... you know.

EDIT: New version is epicly better.

Truly better than cubedesktop, but not QUITE a full window manager yet - no send to desktop, or show on all.

Better performance, though.

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ive installed ubuntu many times. gotten all the effects and all that. i have never been able to use it for anything productive though, i obviously know that you can, theres just something about it that annoys me.

maybe i have been hanging around OS X too long... nah.

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It depends how you set it up, and how you work.

I, personally, find the slick integration of the cube usefull for visualisation, to the point I got seasick working on something because it was on the bottom face <_<;

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