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January '07 Desktops

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@DJBoraP - Great red theme mate! Btw, what font are you using on the desktop (for example, System)?


Thanks a lot mate!

The font I'm using is called ""a_StamperCmUp"" and it's a Cyrillic font I think.

Unfortunatelly I couldn't find it separately, so I uploaded it for you (It's a Bulgarian server so let me know if you can't get it): click to download the font (when you open the link, you must click the right button (БЕЗПЛАТНО) for free download)

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Semi dirty

Icons: Agua by Lanham + mixed

Theme: Aqua Extreme over Uno

Wallpaper: SuperWall Agua by me (some mods I did for fun :) )

Showcasing a small preview.app toolbar mod and some Illuminate stuff :P

(...and yes I know 2.2 megs for a screenshot is a lot, but jpeg compression is the root of all evil!, and ping didn't do much...)

any chance of releasing those walls?

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