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January '07 Desktops

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Great desktop mate! Can you please do me a favor? Would you share that silver fast-forward/play icon in your dock? Its awesome!

Thank you! :D

Thank you very much, my friend.

Yeah, I also think that is a gorgeous png, actuallly i used it for the iTunes. ;) Check your PM Box for it .;)

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at evilmnky204, im using Xero too, but my titlebar is all distorted. Yes, i installed all the fonts (handle got dig, and the other ones) but it STILL refuses to work. It keeps using Lucida G (not to be confused with Lucida Grande)

Hmm, did you change your system fonts with Regedit? It may be the problem I don't know. I just change fonts with the font overrides within WB and Regedit. If you need any extra help, just PM me ;)

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Hi Guys


GuiKit - Alluvium Magnite by Brian Zetler - Glamorous Mod By Me

Wallpaper - Mario - Smash Brother - Old Edition - Original and respective MOD by me, will be released tomorrow

Dock Icons - Smash Bros. By Me

Drive Icons - Original Drive from Agua IconSet by D. Lanham, Mario Mod By Me

Adium Contact List - Me

Adium Message Windows - By/Mod Me



On the Dirty Shot - Hitho - My Next Wallpaper...



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