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Official MacWorld 2007 Thread


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    • New iMac
    • iTV
    • Another crazy product
    • iPhone (yawns...)
    • Resolution independent GUI (whatever its called)
    • New official video iPod
    • Partnership with AMD (yes such rumours exist)
    • the new Apple 'look' to replace Aqua- "Illuminous"
    • Leopard and its new programs
    • other... (please specify...have I forgotten anything?)

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FIrst of all, the iPhone being 5 years ahead of competition - I certainly hope not.

Secondly, I really hope they got the menus down, because this is direct manipulation in its purest form, and I mean PUREST. While DM is really good for some tasks, it sucks at others. I'm trying to imagine the amount of clicks (touches) it would take me to find a contact in the phonebook and then dial up. Hopefully there's support for shortcuts, or else performing the most simple tasks would mean traversing countless menus.

And maybe it's just me, but it seems like the majority of tasks require using both hands, unless of course you got a really long thumb.

As for the multi-touch screen, I'm assuming they licensed the technology from Jeff Han and his collegues.

All in all, a great and ultimately extremely brave initiative. It will be interesting to see if multi-touch screen technology can run an entire interface.

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I really wish they had put GPS in the iPhone. It would be at least twice as appealing. But without it, something like an iPAQ [LINK], while it doesn't look as nice, is much more useful and much better value. Just look at the specs [LINK]. Though to be honest i'm not particularly keen on the mish-mash of finishes on the iPhone exterior anyway.

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all i can say is the next iPod gotta be touchscreen after this crazy hot shyt!!

Is that a big surprise? ;)

Besides I think iPods will feature SSDs and probably only High-end iPods will have HDDs.

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hey all,

just finnished watching it. the iphone is crazy. they should have just made it an osx palm pillet with a phone, and an ipod also. but yeah 500 bucks is really expensive. and i already have a video ipod. but dam i can see myself getting this thing. but is it me or does the name iphone sound stupid. whats that ringing, its my iphone!

how come no Leopard talk. thats still comeing out this year right?

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Some gripes, now that I've spent enough time obsessing over it.

You can't install new applications or widgets by yourself.

Locked onto Cingular (I know the reasons)

Smaller hard drive (Again, I know they priced it so a nano sized hard drive, and a nice smartphone (having fun trying to explain the pricing to all of my friends in school, they didn't get it), and then as an added bonus widescreen video.

Really expensive (I know see above, but even so, I can't even dream to afford it. If it could be turned into unlocked phone, would it be cheaper?)

Other than that, this phone is amazing.

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There is no doubt that the price of the iPhone will drop after a year or so of release. It's almost a given that they will be charging a little more to squeeze out as much money as they can, because, people will buy it no matter the cost to be ahead of the curve. Then Apple will come out with an update that will fix some bugs, add a few tweaks, and be $50 less. Rinse and repeat once more, and we have our standard price.

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