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McCorner BETA

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This is a huge improvement , now that the CPU bug is gone I finally gave it a spin and I have to say it's looking good so far, but the biggest problem I have is with corner detection.

You should increase the size of detection area in corners or something, it doesn't work every time or it takes a few seconds till it registers a command, not sure what it is exactly, but either way I can't get it to work smoothly.

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Ok, thanks! I can increase the size of the detection area but i don't know what the problem is with the few seconds to run a command. If it is the screensaver, than it is normal. It will take some seconds to start.

So i'm working on 2 new functions now, after that i will inspect the detection part again and figure out how to improve it and also increase the size of the detection area. I think i will make an option in the configuration with wich you can resize this area.

Thanks Croat!

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McCorner BETA 2 Released!

What's new?:

- Fixed some bugs (like some corner bugs)

- CPU Fixed very well. CPU was 50 % on my pc while it was running, now it is 0%

- Tray icon added

- Added new functions:

- Maximize

- Normalize

- Show desktop (Minimize all windows)

- Hide/Show Taskbar

Pretty good if improvement if you ask me :)

But there can still be bugs of course and i want many more functions, so don't stop the suggestions!

Because it's still a beta, there still is the "CTRL + Q + M" but don't use it, this is just for if you're version is bugged.


- To configure: Left click on the tray icon.

- To quit: Right click on the tray icon.

To start the program just launch: "McCorner.exe"



That works great to me! ^^

Very nice app, thank you a lot man.

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Great to hear you like it:) But i'm still improving it more and more! I've just deleted the old hotkey to quit and i've added a new one: Lock McCorner. With this feature you can lock McCorner with ctrl+l+m and unlock it with the same hotkey. It won't work when it's locked so you can easy play games, when you're finnished you just push ctrl+l+m again and it will work again. I'm not releasing that yet, first i want to do some more things but that's already working!

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I'm sorry for those double posts. I won't do it anymore.

McCorner BETA 2.1 Released!

What's new?:

- I fixed an enormous bug: The Corner System is working perfectly smooth now!

I guess the time to start functions is also working fine now.

- You can change the detection area size to whatever you want. Default is 10, I think that is the best size

- Hotkey to exit McCorner deleted

- Hotkey to lock McCorner added: CTRL + L + M. If you lock McCorner it won't do anything when you move to the corner, to unlock use the same hotkey: CTRL + L +M

If somebody has a good idea for a function, pm me or post it in this thread.



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