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Mac Menu Bar For XP

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Maybe somewhat off topic: See referrals to Objectbar 1.65.

Though the stardock website mentions version 2.

Why is that? Is objectbar 2.0 no good/ bloated or something?

Have used objectbar in the past, but it didn't take over menu's of all the windows/ apps.

Also had lots of trouble with the systray screwing up after a while (displaying the wrong icons for some reason after a while, etc).

On second thought. Maybe this isn't as off topic, since the answer could affect pinkuin in his discission for his final Mac-like finderbar...

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Hmm, this is the kind of question you should have searched for first ;).

Objectbar is your best bet, and what's wrong with Finderbar? Post questions in the Finderbar thread. There's Macbar and a few others which are a bit low on features--you're best off with Objectbar or Finderbar.

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