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Ubuntu Edgy + Compiz

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I made the switch to Ubuntu a while ago, and when Edgy was released I naturally upgraded. Little did I know how exciting my experience with Ubuntu was about to get; shortly after I upgraded to Edgy I found out about a program called Compiz/Beryl (Beryl is a fork of Compiz) that accelerates the desktop using your nVidia graphics card. Basically meaning amazing effects at very low system resource consumption.

Here's what my computer does: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCABW12LNec

This may be old news to some of you, if this is the case then please, check your negative comments at the door.

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Yeah, I heard a lot of people had problems with their wireless connections in Ubuntu. I know that Edgy fixed a lot of them, but they're still there. I don't have a wireless connection on the computer that I have Ubuntu setup on though so I'm not sweating.

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it also works on ati cards, on fgrlx. i am on nvidia with aiglx with the nvidia beta drivers. as far as wireless goes, i have no experience. but i do know there have been allot of howto's posted on the ubuntu forums and the ubuntu wiki. i love linux, switched from windows (modded to look like os x of cource) about a year ago and havent looked back. all the games i regularly play on steam, ive been able to install and play on linux with wine. plus you wouldent belive how much better modifying the ui is than on windows, it may not be easy but it looks so good in the end.

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I love it and I even installed it some time ago but I just can't use linux, it's so difficult (installing programs, etc.)

I've installed opensuse Linux 10.2 a few months ago and it's pretty easy. Well, at least to my knowledge it's the easiest to use. Ubuntu/Kubuntu and especially Gentoo makes you use the terminal very frequently. Gnome is less difficult than KDE, but many will tell you different.

Beryl + Nvidia + Gnome is working great.

(Also directed toward Slewed & Dorsc ;))

does that only work with nvidia or real graphic cards or would it work on my notebooks intel centrino graphics card also? which i don't think is a real graphic card since it's sharing mem with the ram


I believe you're in luck since Intel graphics chips are great for Xgl. Not to mention that Nvidia/ATI graphics drivers are illegal to the Linux license.

@Septimus: If you have the latest version of Beryl(0.1.3) try the GTK window manager. That seems to work the smoothest for me.

Also, Ubuntu isn't the only version of Linux. It seems that Debian(Ubuntu's package "releaser") was last to get the latest 0.1.3(svn) version of Beryl.

The reason Linux is "hard" to install programs is because the only way to get a virus is to literally install one.

(I might get some beef for saying this) I look at Linux as Mac only unlocked. What I mean by that is that it's so much more flexible.

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Are there any good guides on doing the following?

1) Installing Ubuntu so that my main Partition table doesn't get screwed up, meaning that I can choose either XP or Ubuntu? (I had to load my WinXP CD to fix the boot table so I could load XP again)

2) I installed Ubuntu today to try installing that little feature, and after a certain point in the guide that I found, and the "Xserver" could not be loaded or something. I don't know much about linux, so repairing this was next to impossible... So I could not finish setting it up.

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1) Installing Ubuntu so that my main Partition table doesn't get screwed up, meaning that I can choose either XP or Ubuntu? (I had to load my WinXP CD to fix the boot table so I could load XP again)

I'm planning to install Ubuntu Linux too but I heard that the HD might screw up when partitionning or installing it. So It would be nice to have a guide for that

Also another question:

In the first, we're talking about Nvidia Graphic Card for these special, super nice and super cool effects, but will it work the same way on a ATI card? I have a ATI Radeon x800XT AiW card.

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I actually spent time researching Ubuntu and Beryl/Compiz.

You can install using an ATI card, but it's much harder.

And you can install safely and manually dual boot. I simply unplugged my Windows drive, which is my master drive, and then installed to my slave drive. After that, I plugged my Master back in, and i can boot into Ubuntu by pressing F8 during BIOS's POST, and if I don't press anything, I boot right into Windows.

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