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Macheist: Mac shareware bundle includes Shapeshifter

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This might be of interest to other people. I switched to Mac recently after years (!) of hanging out here on Aqua-Soft. I've been really impressed with the indie developer Mac shareware scene and recently, by some of the attempts at creating viral marketing schemes for Mac apps. One of them is called Macheist: http://macheist.com/.

They are currently selling a bundle of popular Mac software for $50. This includes Shapeshifter (the Windowblinds of Mac OS X) which normally costs $20.

So, if you can find at least one other app in that bundle that you might want, chances are you could get yourself a very good deal by purchasing the bundle and picking up 6 other pieces of software too.

The bundle consists of: Delicious Library, FotoMagico, ShapeShifter, DEVONthink Personal, Disco, Rapidweaver, iClip, Choice of 1 Pangea Game.

The RSS reader, Newsfire, and the programmers' editor, TextMate, will be included in the bundle if enough copies are sold.

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Of those.... none are particularly worthy of your time unless you have a demonstrable need for them. Delicious Library is a nice novelty that serves no real purpose if you're organized unless you take screenies and post them online. Shapeshifter kills a system, Intel and PPC. Disco is well outdone by Toast and Disk Utility. Rapidweaver is nice, but Wordpress and tinkering gives much better results for most bloggers. iClip is simply overdone for something that could be a menubar icon.

Good luck getting enough people for TextMate, the GOD APP of that list. I paid full price for that and it's worth every penny (euro?).

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