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I'm looking for that app or any app that can hide the menu bar (File, Edit, View etc) in Explorer. I know Styler does that, but it slows down my computer.

The app I'm requesting is made by the same guy that made Styler. The link on Softpedia is dead too.



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well, as far as i know, i don't think there are any free apps that do that. The older objectbar versions (1.6 - 1.65...all around there up to v2) include a choice to hide the menus of a ton of apps, but you have to pay to be able to get that...so i guess if you want to spend any money, thats your choice :D

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I had a mirror to post and I've passed a long time to write this post in detail, build a setup to make it easier for you to install and all... but your board say that I can't post links. So, bye bye Aqua-Soft. This is a too frustrating board. I've worked hard for nothing even if I hate wasting my time... Shit! Admin delete my account, I have nothing to do here...

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woa there FenyX... don't let the complexity of this board turn you into a quitter. Remember, nobody likes a quitter.. unless you're in California and are putting down the cigarettes, maybe..

Just let ppl know what you are trying to do and someone will come along and help. Think of the two scenarios:

1. Working hard and getting nothing, hating your time wasted, having nothing to do here, etc.


2. Framing the problem; request assistance to overcome the obstacle, loving your time not wasted, gaining something for your contribution, increasing your post count to 3.

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It's ok. I've found a cool place that lets me post to share it to my english speaking friends at "askvg[dot]com / qt - addressbar - windows - vista - addressbar - clone - for - windows - xp / #comment-3800" (remove spaces) and to my french speaking friends (Lefreut, Gavatx and vistamen, for example) in the Vista Customization Topic at CrystalXP.net. Thanks

Note: "nobody likes a quitter" I don't care about peoples like me or not. I'm happy when peoples help me with their shares so I try to do the same. If your board's config refuses, it's not my prob after all...

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