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How can I get the windows of desktop property like this?

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Why, that's very helpful Leon..Care to try it urself first? Although I would also want this hack, it doesn't seem worth the risk. What ur asking is for other people to test this for you first, as it involves a pack that has to be installed. This seems like a case of: "Better the other guy's pc gets messed-up, than mine". Like I said..not worth the risk for me. /vale is moving on..

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Vale46, I've tried to install first on my PC but the pack work only on Windows XP sp1, and I've sp2, I've tried to post it here, so if someone have sp1 can try to install it, or if someone know how to browse the .exe install pack and extract only the deksktop panel files.

P.S:Sorry for my bad english


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here, i've extracted the dll for you. do what you will with it. let us know how it works for you.

Report : Not work with SP2. (See atth.)


I think I have find it, But I don't know how install it, I have to replace the original, but I don't know how.

I post the dll here, please somebody can tell me if it works, and how install it?

Leonheart90 : Your 'themeui' for SP1 or SP2


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lol so which one should i use here that works the best? i have sp 2

Edit: I tried the very last one and my norton anti virus came up and said that a high risk sript came up. is it just a false positive?

Edit 2: Also...the original looks better, but leon did an amazing job. good work :D!

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