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Inclusion of new RK Launcher Build


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i installed the FlyakiteOSX, and i had major problems with it. after i tried to uninstall it, my computer was all messed up. i had to format and reinstall windows. when it was installed it worked great. much better than rk launch. i am currently running rk and feel much safer running that. you choice

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flyakite has NOTHING to do with rk launcher

Indeed, RKLauncher and FLyakite OSX (v3.5) are two very different things not to be compared to eachother!

Flyakite OSX is a huge total conversion package that include OS X-based icons to automatically replace the standard ones from Windows included into it's system file. Besides that the installer includes a variarity of all kind of tweaks and stand alone apps (like a version of RKLauncher) to make it even more mimic the apearance of OS X Tiger.

RKLauncher is an app to mimic the dock, as does stardocks' Objectbar, Mobydock, Y'z dock etc. Each with their own pro's and cons. But RKLauncher was kinda adopted by this community, as was AveDesk for it's widgets. Anyways, one of the threads one this forum therefore includes Raduking's nightly builts, which are sorta of an progress report, rather than new versions.

With this I mean, RK posts the improvements he does while working on RKlauncher in the form of new beta versions of the allready in beta phase residing version 0.4... This means, do not expect the most stable stuff...for that download the official 0.4 beta release.

The nightly builts are more there to test new feats and to post your experiances on the nightly builts elsewhere on the boards.



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