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Download / Galleryish Script

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Hey guys, I've been looking for a script that is kinda like a gallery but with download functionality built in. Kinda like how WinCustomize, DeviantArt and Deskmod work.

Does anyone have any ideas how to pull something like that off. If it comes down to getting someone to write a custom script thats one thing, but curious to see if there is anything out there now that can do this.

Basically I'm trying to have a section of a site, have category heavy content. Would display screenshots and have a description of these items with download links, and other misc info. Another thing which isn't exactly necessary but have the abilty to integrate with forums, like vBulletin.

I've tried searching through sites like hotscripts, so please don't recommend me go there. That site isn't the best site to go through and try to find something that works.

Any input would be appreciated, thanks...

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Yea, that script isn't anything great. Most gallery scripts suck, and there are no good download/file listing scripts that are decent.

I know shit about php/mysql so I can't write my own.

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Thats not a bad script, but looks like hell to customize to something I was planning on doing with it.

I guess instead of looking for a gallery script, what about a file listing script with screenshot support...

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