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December '06 Desktops


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What is a MTF click?

aka MTF

I think he means clique :P

"A clique (pronounced AmE /kl?k/, BrE /kli?k/) is an informal and restricted social group formed by people who share common interests (formal social groups are referred to as societies or organizations). They are often subsets of larger social groups."

I guess you can say that. I was trying to be ghetto. :P

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So where have I been lately?

Oh, just playing with Fedora Linux, Beryl, KDE, Baghira, KXdocker, Emerald, yada, yada,yada:slant:

The new Linux 3D desktop is the Shizznik:cool:



Absolutely amazing work, Hamm! I'm inexperienced with linux ... do you have any links to help me get my desk looking and working like yours?

oops, thnks, inplode

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@Bogo, in ur explorer window, how did you get those shortcuts into your folder?? the "new folder" and the "customize" one? is it a mod or something to do with styler toolbar? and im guessing that pinstripe WB theme isnt out either...:( exactly what i needed.

i made pinstripe wb myself after leapord by blitzr, so i can't release it. the new folder and customize links in the toolbar are styler toolbar buttons, i just made them look like icons.

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