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December '06 Desktops


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Heres mine, notthin fancy.

I just traded the iMac 24" for the 20", no place for a 24" at the moment :(

Theme : NiCO Mini by MacDaddy mod of NickelCobalt by PhillRyu, Paul Johnson and Philipp Antoni

Icons : Mix of Micro by Blue Malboro, Milkanodised by Rimshot, Aqua Neue by Louie Mantia, NiCO Folders by Ruiz Design and HD Drive icon from Ekisho (WIP) by Jonas

Wall : NiCO by Ruiz Design

Font : Helvetica Neue

Thanks to Ruiz Design / Camtessa Design

Great desks everyone :D


How much time, nice bro.

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New 20" Mac :)

Theme : Amora

Wallpaper : Found here , the file is called "pochi"

Icons : Aqua Default

Converting my real computer into a virtual one for parallels helps for backup, you are sure that you won't loose anything ! Parallels team rocks !!

(Btw, if someone can answer me, wtf are the "[" and "]" characters on that keyboard ????

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