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Yeah, I've seen around here for a while too.

Kinda visit these boards less frequently since I bought my MacBook this summer though.

...Then again, I snoop around somewhat more again recently, 'cause when I do some tweaking on my friends PC's, I tend to secretly include Mac GUI elements on their desktops, just to get theme warm for the IMO visually superior OS X over M$ Windows.

...to make them get used to the top left glyphs (X, -, +), as I advocate is nessecary, when asked for by them , so they don't freak out from confusion, whenever we play around with the iSight/Photopooth on my MacBook.. :)

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Where did our local Shinobi guy go to?

I want a coke party :( .

i hate to bump a non active thread, but im still alive. and my pc is still all aqua pritty like.

i guess i dont come around too much cuase i know new osx modding stuff only comes out like once every couple of months.... (look at the home page for proof)

but anyway. happy hollidays everyone! its good to see you guys are all still here.

i guess my new years resolution should be to stop by here more and chat up with the old gang.

im gonna quit before this gets sappy and retarded :P

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I could be a bit fuzzy in my old age, but I believe I made the lunasucks bouncy; I believe I did because it's still in my photobucket (along with more crap from aquasoft through the ages) but I've been known to be wrong/crazy/screwed up.... or better yet... I may have AMNESIA! rim_shot_emoticon.gif*ba-dum-psh!

hey gill, i looked at your photobucket page, and a few seemed to catch my eye:



good, old days... ;)

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