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Deleting photos from my iPod

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hiya, my name is lee turnbull, i'm from london and i recently bought an i pod video for my girlfriend. i had a friend put a load of music on it for me but he was unable to put videos, films ect as he is as useless with computers as me! i was wondering if anyone out there would be able to or know of someone i could give my i pod to, So they could cram a load of stuff that i like on it for me, I WOULD PAY FOR THE INCONVINIENCE AND THE SHEER PATHETICNESS OF IT! but it would be really helpfull! you can contact me on my email which is [email protected] thanks again

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I would like to know how to delete the photos on my ipod nano.

just delete/move the photos from the folder that the ipod is designated to read from. When it is next sync with itunes it will read they are moved/deleted and take them off the iPod.


go to this website:


download the free iPod video converter and transform the videos that you wish to put on your iPod as iPod's can only read a format called mp4 and m4v. The converter will automatically convert the files for you to this format.

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