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iTunes 7 and Music Video Managment?

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Today I was organizing my library, and I discovered that iTunes puts music videos right in with your music. No longer does iTunes have the "Music Videos" category, instead they're all mixed. When you try to make a playlist with videos+music, iTunes discourages it, but it puts them together in your music library? O_o Since when can computer programs be hypocritical? :P

What I'm asking is if there's some way to separate the two while keeping the music videos tagged as music videos. I realize I could just make a TV Show entitled "Music Videos" and file my videos under there, but I'd much rather simply separate them. So if there's some preference, setting, or hack I'm not seeing, some tips would be much appreciated. ^_^



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well.... I've made a smart play list with following conditions....

Match Condition - any

Genre - is not - podcast

Grouping - is not - videos

Genre - is not - audiobook

Genre - is not - speech

I've tagged all my videos with Grouping called videos,

this keeps everything out of my list but the music !! :D

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