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hey guys, curious about something here..

anyone who's tried to customize their icons knows that, every once in a blue moon, comes an icon for an app that's, quite literally, too beautiful to change.

imo, that title belongs to the itunes icon :D. such a marvelous work of art, as simple as it is gorgeous. in short, it's a masterpiece :). i believe the only way to improve on it is to duplicate it. _really_. to this day, i've found absolutely NO substitutes for it. as jairo said,

El icono original de Itunes nunca sera superado por cualquier otra propuesta
or "The original itunes icon will never be topped by any other proposition". truer words were never spoken ;). admittedly, i've always liked the elegant macromedia studio icons as well, but granted, they come nowhere near itunes.

so! i ask you, whats YOUR favorite official icon?

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I'm a huge fan of the Creative Suite 1 icons (I've looked at two's but I'm not impressed). I also loved Office X (not 2004) for an iconset, although I've reverted to the playdough sausages for my Tiger desktop. My absolute favorite would be iChat for Tiger (no more AIM guy!).

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appreciate tbe "thanks", guys, havnt been around here too long. anyways, ive admired the firefox icon too. the firefox installer, even, is VERY nice if i do say so myself :). the side panel gives it a nice touch.

about osx, i cant imagine EVER having to customize my icons should i ever get a mac. my current favorite is the dashboard icon (http://images.apple.com/home/2005/images/t...oard2005041.jpg)

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