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Like you need a screen saver to show one of those. Still quite funny.

Need a kernal panic one for osx, since those occur just as much.

Do you actually get kernel panics regularly then?

I've only ever had two. Once was just random, and the other happened when I unloaded the kernel extension for my powerbook trackpad and then tried to move the mouse pointer with it (doh!).

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Do you actually get kernel panics regularly then?

I've only ever had two.

I've never had any in almost 2 years with OSX. I'm graphic artist and have multiple progs open all the time, and this is on a G4 made in 2001. Maybe its just luck... Not that I havn't had issues with progs freezing, or glitches that have forced me to reboot. ;)

On a lighter note, I just loaded this screensaver on our NT machine and really freaked out the girl that works with me....Very Funny, LOL.

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I have had those (Kernel Panics) on my damn mini... but never on my iBook, anyway as for mini it had to do mostly with me as I had opened it myself.

why? don't ask... curiosity killed the cat. Period.

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you can't mouse out of this one gnome, you must press esc...it actually had me a bit stumped for about 5 seconds :P

I'm talking about a hypothetical kernel panic screensaver on Mac... I don't think one exists right now.

I don't have a Windows computer and am not talking about the BSOD funness. :P

That clarify a little? :cool:

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Good. Its about time Microsoft got a bit of a sense of humour... (and accept that thier OS' have fundamental flaws)

"Use Bluescreen to amaze your friends and scare your enemies!"

shall do :) ... this'll be really bad publicity if it catches on with everyone... somone better Digg this... hehehehe

@Timan- at least Apple's version is a little prettier with transparencies and a smooth font... and it happens less often. Its usually due to dodgy or poorly installed ram ;)

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