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Stardock's Windows Vista plans


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Windows Vista has is RTM and Stardock has released info on what is plans to do on Vista.

Amongst the changes that Aqua-Soft users may find interesting:

1) WindowBlinds for Vista (now in beta).

2) DesktopX able to make widgets/gadgets for the Windows Sidebar

3) A lot of new effects for the DWM

4) Lots more

index.25.jpg index.4.jpg

Here's a link to an article that talks about it:


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The configuration windows is really clean and easy to navigate, one of the things I really felt was improved. I also really liked the new blurring when changing themes, which I'm not sure is relatively new, but you guys are still really really improving the product alot faster than I thought possible.

Great job, it's really looking like you've really planned out the improvements.

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