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Is RK launcher still being developed?


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honestly, I do not see how it could improve much more. the current release has almost all of the same characteristics of the apple dock and it is quite stable. interesting thought though, I was curious myself.

It's missing a few things that keep me from using it full-time. For example, it doesn't work well when you are using other programs that work with graphics (I'm an artist so I use zBrush and 3dstudio max alot and it's causing problems). It's also missing some features which seem like they should be there, like the ability to set icons for programs that you do not want to keep in the dock (there's an option for this in the settings menu, but it doesn't do anything). This is the best dock program I've seen yet, which is why I'd like to see it developed further. All other software I'm aware of is not developed any more (rocketdock, mobydock etc... don't know of any others)

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