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ObjectDock 1.5 released

Island Dog

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Stardock has released ObjectDock 1.5. ObjectDock is a program that lets users add docks on their computer. These docks can host programs, running tasks, docklets, and more. They're a great way to organize your desktop and they're incredibly cool to use.

ObjectDock 1.5 has a ton..TON of new features in it.

These features include Windows Vista compatibility, a new image searching feature, .DockZip support, a new algorithm for zoom docks, drag and drop support for items on docks, tabbed docks rotate automatically when docking them with a screen edge if necessary, a host of mouse-over activation features, and more.

ObjectDock Feature Guide - http://www.wincustomize.com/Articles.aspx?AID=136176

Download - http://www.objectdock.com/

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