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Weather Radar Desklet


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The one Yahoo widget I keep on my desktop all the time is the "Radar_uPikiT" widget. It allows you to keep doppler weather radar images that update (user settable time) automatically in a (resizeable) small window. Really cool since I don't have to open a new browser window and navigate to my local TV station's weather site to see if the thunderstorms (or lake effect snows) are close by. If anyone could do that one, I'd be able to unload YWE and run Avedesk exclusively.

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I took a look...I can't get the existing maps to show up at all. Then I edited the main.js file to include the link to my local weather radar image, and it still didn't work. The place to select the map is there on the settings (when you flip the desklet over), but choosing one map or the other does nothing, and I can't edit the city box either. It'll take more knowledge than I have to get it working...maybe the old version is no longer compatible with the latest Avescripter.

But thanks for trying

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