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Konfab/yahoowidget support?


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Hmm I Wonder if a Future release of avedesk(v3?) could be coded to be used to launch yahoo widget stuff

Since Avedesk can already can launch docklets , why not konfab widgets ....lol

Or maybe some1 could develop a desklet to emulate the engine , and thus beable to launch yahoo/konfab widgets

I personally enjoy using Avedesk... since i switched from yahoo widget engine due to the Riddiculus way it lagged up my computer , but i'm sort of missing the large library of widgets available :(

Haha... i bet some1 would state donate button... but I'm not a working adult, can't donate obviously...

Just a thought... :P, not saying that it could be a reality

And thanks to Ave for making such a great app

v2 with the Dashboard Dock rocks

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Boy, you seem not to know the history of AveDesk. It all started with docklets, and then came era of desklets (which seem to be very close to docklets for developer). Then was SysStats (which was a docklet actually, but many people liked it as desklet). Then came AveScripter, bringing us the power of scripts (vs. compiling C/Delphi code).

Actually, I was going to make K-let - a desklet like AveScripter, but aimed for launching Konfab widgets. But after AveScripter had been released I abandoned my own project.

My advice: use AveScripter and port your beloved widgets to AveDesk, this way you'll help community and develop yourself!

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It shoulds like a nice idea. BUT you got 2 issues.

First adding support for these guys would mean adding more API support which means more memory usuage etc.

Second, which is the "real" kicker. The latest version of Yahoo/Kon blah, now "encrypt" the entire package. I haven't spent any time looking into it, but it no long is a zip file. Older ones are but the new ones aren't

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Third, it's a proprietary product of a company with more lawyers than Avedesk has developers. I'm sure if this was able to be accomplished then there would most likely be a high number of users switching over to AveDesk.

Fourth, you'd still need to get permission from each individual developer to use the the widgets.

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