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Orih GuiKit

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Download @ dA or Download @ customize.org

Orih © Hirogen (http://cypohirogen.deviantart.com/)

Thanks for giving the permission to port it.


Visual style includes 3 fonts; Abadi Mt Condensed Light,HandelGotDLig, and Calibri

Visual style and iTunes skin done by Marco (kidrocky7)(http://kidrocky7.deviantart.com/)

Windowblind and FFX skin done by Steve (Astyanax)(http://astyanax0.deviantart.com/)

Styler TB done by both of us.


Shellstyle, Areao4 by heylove. all credit goes to her :D


http://osx.portraitofakite.com/ - Universal UXTheme Patcher - for the VS if you already dont have it ;)

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Sorry Kid, if am bothering you, but I think I found one little bug.


That arrow for showing/hiding inactive icons... I think it is somehow corrupted image. Thanks. ;)

thanks for that ronnie, fixed and uploaded both on dA and customize. c'mon people im trying to study!! lol jk. thanks for the downloads and comments :D

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