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Who's going to buy a zune?

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now that the zune is coming how out, how many of you are going to buy one, how many of you are going to switch from your current mp3 player to a zune!!

persoally i don't have an ipod, but i am thinking about getting one over the zune just because there is so much hype behind the zune being an "ipod killer" that may not even do anything to to challenge the sales of the ipod. i think it's gonna be a waste money - not to mention it's UGLY - T/F

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You do realize that your asking this on a site that is pretty much a Pro-Apple or Anti-Microsoft, don't you? :P Responses here will most likely be biased.

I think what really kills the design is that funky grey outline going around the screen and circular "click wheel". The iPods do have a lot of white space, which the Zune seems to fix that with adding a larger screen.

"iPod Killer"? Everybody throws that surname on any MP3 device that gets thrown on the shelves. It's cliché (that actually sounds like a better name rather than "Zune").

I'm not going to buy one, then again, I'm not really in the market to purchase one anytime soon. I am still content with my 2G 10 Gig iPod.

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To be honest, even if i wasn't an Apple fan (which i am) i don't think i'd buy a Zune. And i wouldn't hessitate because it's made by Microsoft. I just think iPod looks better, has more accessories and has iTunes + 5 years of experience behind it.

And the fact that iPod created all the values Zune is clearly copying doesn't hurt either :P

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well i got this sweet ass messenger back called an iPack that works with my iPod nano so i can switch songs with build in controls on my bad. that'd be reason enough for me not to switch. iPods are faulty as shit though and everyone knows it and if the zune was steady with less bugs, why not.

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iPods havent always been faulty (only since 4th gen when they were perfect< just an opinion) its only since the 4th gen that theyve started to get problems due to lowering in price and quality to get a bigger market share.

Personally id like to see fullscreen touch screen ipods with the aluminium casing that the minis and new nanos have...that would be great (with also the normal black and white options like now as well)

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Anyone know if the Zune can "share" / "stream" to the xbox360 wirelessly? If thats possible its really something to look into compared to the iPod. Can't STAND having to hook the Nano up to get music on the 360.

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Honestly, i don't get all these scratching/faulty crap... I have a 3 year old iPod that works great and has very few minor wear'n'tear scratches and everyone i know who has an iPod (whether it's a 4,5G, nano or mini) has never had their iPod broken or badly scratched).

I think people in rich countries are spoiled and treat their property like shit and then whine when it doesn't stand up to their abuse. But then again, if i lived in a country where i could just fry my iPod/destroy it just so i could get a newer model under the extended warranty, i'd probably do the same thing...

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I hate Wireless streaming.... it can interfered by other wireless devices, I still have find one device which gives better sound quality than wired devices and it's a bloody load on batteries (that's another story, but yeh!).

Unless wireless starts supporting Higher-bandwidth for data (so that we can stream higher bitrate or uncompressed audio/video), I'm happy in the jungle of wires !!

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Gotta love microsoft's business strategies...let's not come out with a competing device until the iPod has set the standard for MP3 players, has been out for five years, and has ingrained itself into the social fabric of many cultures....THEN we'll come out with our own version. And make it brown.

Way to go, Ballmer.

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I don't want Zune... give me Ballmer instead. I like jumping, screaming, irritating monkeys on my desk... it's more fun than TV, Mp3 Player, Gaming console combined !!

Be careful what you wish for...if you want Ballmer, you get EVERYTHING, including the overactive sweat glands.

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I must be the only person who thinks the Zune looks pretty damn good, and comes with a slick looking interface. If they can come up with the software solution to back it up, I may look at buying one when I can afford to replace this (rapidly failing) iPod.

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