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odd shaped project


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okay, totally a geek thing, but i bought a wall-mount soap dispenser (sd, for short) for my bathroom. it has a removable cardstock insert. so, i'm thinking, why not jazz it up? i'm thinking i could use a nice wall by maybe vlad or lanham to spruce up my bathroom's sd. woot! here's where i could use some help...

as you can see from this pic, the insert is an odd shape, but it's what it needs to be to fit in the sd. so i need to use this as my template. (my ps skills are moderately novice-like. i think what i need to do is select the outside of the image and then use that as a mask, yes? i don't really know how to do that, but i think it's what i need to do.) then, when gently bent along the red lines, the edges will meet and then sit in the sd quite nicely. and that leads to probably the trickiest part of my request: how can i warp the image i want to use so that the image will be contiguous after i bend it. know what i mean? like, if i just use the flat image with the outline's mask, when i join those edges, i'll be missing the info that's hidden by the mask. so, need to warp/distort the image to conform to the mask so it'll line up after bending. got it?

anyways, any help/tips/etc. greatly appreciated...


edit: okay, here's a test i did. i stumbled through masking, which works. woo hoo! but again, the tricky part is illustrated here by the fish on the right. he has a chunk taken out of him, so when i bend the stock, he'll be missing some info. i need to warp the flat image so when bent, it all lines up nicely.


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