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Vista RC2: Can't drag'n'drop folders to links?


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Hey guys,

I used to have Vista RC 1 where I was able to drag folders to the "Link favourite" bar on the left side of the windows explorer.

But as soon as I upgraded to RC2, the bar is always empty:


It doesn't matter how often I drag a folder onto the bar, it's always "(empty)"

When I go to the bar, right click and open the "Link Favourite Folder", all my Links are listed up... :( But all of them should be in the bar!!

Does anyone know if there are any security options I set that prevent RC2 to show the link favourites?

Perhaps anyone has experiences with RC2.

Perhaps it's a bug... where can I send bugs to the MS Team? (I heard they would give a free copy of Vista if you participate in the feedback programm :D )

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I could solve the problem...

It was perhaps my fault, cuz I deleted the "isShortcut" registy entry to force vista to not show the shortcut arrow. The better way to do that is to replace the shortcut icon with a blank, transparent icon file.

Windows Vista seems to have problems with Lnk files when you kill the "IsShortcut" entry :)

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