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ASHDEVIL77 Mac icon Collection - A-Z

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I'm only human being... Homo Sapiens Pixelartis ;)

I've got much to share and I'm in a rush...

Today, some f*%r wrote me, that I'm a ripper.

But, as You can see, I'm uploading icons, available for everyone... I'm, simply, sharing with You, saving Your precious time...

Speakin' bout the sharin'...

There's my 10th pack - [J] - small, but beautiful. Isn't it? ;)


You can download it here:


Hurry up, til it's available ;P

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But, those #%?<&*$ from devArt, removed one of my uploads. The message says: "An administrator has removed your deviation as being a violation of copyright."!!!!

I wonder - why?? Which icon, in the pack , is ripped by me? Those icons are extracted, from software, available for EVERYONE! There's even a statement, that NONE of posted icons is made by me.

It's, simply, sick!!

(If I am a ripper, than what about Shockerteam3D...? Administrators of dA knew, that he ripped all of "his" artwork, but there was no reaction... He was, even, one of the special members of dA community...)

Ehh... I think of sharing via bittorrent network...

What do You think of this idea, People? :|

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