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ASHDEVIL77 Mac icon Collection - A-Z

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wow when did you extract these?!

During jaguar? Man there are tons of osx icons that are better than what you collected there..

Good up though for those that want it.

And, ironically, there are more apps than the ones that start with just a letter A.

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Hey ashdevil_77 thanks for the time you spent on this .

If you are planning to do the same with the next letters just convert them to .png .

You will save time and the filesize will be much smaller . Whoever wants an icon to .ico can use aveiconifier .

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Everyone - thanx for Your appreciation... and thanx for lack of appreciation too...

I know, that there's a lot of icons, that are much better, than those I uploaded... but...

I can't open every dmg file and, sometimes, the icns, or rsrc file contains damaged icons...

i don't have PearOS, or other emulator... I'm using the only way, I know - UltraISO - to extract files from dmgs... So if U think, that my upload is s***worthy, simply - don't download it... or post somethin' better...

It's easy to criticize... it's easy to point the imperfections... It's easy to say "I've got better things, than this crap"...

I'm sharing my collection... I don't demand Your citations, hooray's, ah's and oh's...

I'm doin' this, because I can...

It's that simple.


PS: aashish13 - I extracted this, during Panther/Tiger era... My main source, is macupdate.com

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It's a great effort so thanks :)

As for png vs ico, Mac icons are almost always made with different "images" for different sizes so only converting icns to icos will save those states and make the icon looking much better at small sizes than it would look if you just shrunk the png and made it into an icon.

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Here comes the 4th pack, from my collection.

It's obvious, that it's named "[D]" ;)


You can download it here:


:cool: ENJOY, MY FRIENDS... ENJOY! :cool:

PS: Unbeliever... I know it's better, when rhe pack contains both formats - png and ico, but after Laertis' clever advice, I'm posting only png images... but... sometimes, there are different images used, within one icon... then, You'll find pngs, with added size (usually, it looks like that: application48.png, or document32.png).

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