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Cerebro VLC Skin

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Heres my Cerebro VLC skin port...and this time ive got permission!


Main display and playlist are resizable and text scrolls.

Use with the newest version of VLC that you can find (version 8.5+).

All credit goes to the original author for the mac theme Stefanka.

Comments are welcome.

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nope there arent..but im thinking of adding them as soon as i get the mac resources.....thats if i can get them...the resources i got didnt have the pressed state im afraid....ill include it in an update in due time

i have to find out how to get vlc to recognise the pressed state in skins...its a bit weird

edit: well i have updated the skin with button states using good old photoshop....also i sorted out the volume buttons state...just redownload the skin and all will be well

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