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playstation 3 or nintendo wii

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Let me guess other Fanboy of Nintendo, I just want to weigh some more thoughts on this issue on PS3 vs wii and 360, And I still want to say first that i'm not a Hater as I mention in my post in PS3 VS Wii. I will give you that most people don't have a HDTV or can't afford HDMI cables, well all I have to say about that is don't buy them but you still can enjoy the games on the PS3, Yes the PS3 is STILL ( SUCH A OLD ISSUE ) expensive but it's still flying off the shelve, like the wii is and like I said in my prior post is that if you can afford one then buy it, And Mat7h3w I have all three consoles that are out right know and I like all of them but if I want to play real games I have to go with PS3 or 360, Sony has been on top for years, Where as Nintendo has lost it's edge? After the Nintendo 64 things started to go downhill for Nintendo, GameCube was a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT and the only good game on the Wii right know is Zelda and yes I played RED STEAL, Have you seen the Wii upcoming titles compare to PS3 or 360 but Let's face the truth here, It doesn't matter which system is the best but the fact the matter is, It's the Games that are being developed on these consoles is the Main reason why YOU and ME buy these consoles. Not how a controller can play these game or this console can play Blu-Ray or HD-DVD movies, This console can diplay pictures, Instant messaging, email, or what ever these consoles can do, without a cool Game these high price PS3, 360 and that low cost Wii will be nothing at all, Your not buying a console because it can do all these extra stuff, You buy it because you enjoy playing the GAME. And as I compare the upcoming titles on all three here is a list that what's coming out for these systems


Gears of War, Halo 3, lost planet, Dark sector, Ghost recon, spliter cell, Bio Shock, BF2, Elder scrolls, Final Fantasy XI just to name a few


Resistance, Tekken 6, Metal Gear 4, Final Fantasy XIII, Rige Racer 7, Gran Tursimo HD, Grad Theft Auto IV, Virtua Fighter 5, Soul Calibur IV, Madden 07, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Nintendo Wii

Bust-A-move Bash, Legend Of Zelda, Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii Play, Legend of the Dragon, Read Steel, RayMan Wii, Wario Wii, Wing Island, No more heroes, Super Swinf Golf, Dragon Quest, Cooking Mama, SSX Blur, Elebits.

As you compare the upcoming titles or games that are already out, It doesn't matter what a system can do or the price of a console, it's the Games That you what to play and seeing this list of the upcoming titles, the PS3 and 360 just look more interesting. But if you like the Wii over the other 2 then that's great and I have to admit the wii is fun sometimes but you have to admit that the Wii games is still aim towards Kids. If Nintendo can come out with something like the PS3, 360 games, Then maybe that will change my mine the way I think about the Wii.

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Wii is the most favorite as of now in Japan and in America and is selling faster then sony and microsoft, i think their like three million plus now, its really difficult to track down either a wii or ds lite these days and their peripherals is damn near impossible to find. ever since nintendo gained dragon quest back its been all good for them as DQ IX is comming out for DS and Dragon Quest Swords for Wii exclusively, those two games has nintendo locked for the #1 position in Japan. Wii is far from another disappointment and if they continue to sell like hotcakes then expect them to surpass 360's numbers sometime later this year, and i dont know why your bad mouthing GC, it had its fair share of A+ titles i can list them but you should know em by now.

You can scratch off Tekken 6 and Virtua Fighter 5 off your list of PS3 games because those two are comming for 360 too and we all know GTAIV is being released on both PS3 and 360 the same day. I doubt Soul Calibur IV will stay with sony even though III was exclusive on PS2, i believe they'll take the multi-console route instead. Alot of PS3's titles are jumping ships and itll only be a matter of time before games like MGS4 and DMC makes the transition. So the way i see it a Wii60 is a great alternative to a uber expensive PS3.

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This is going to be the last post that i'm going to do on this issue because I know the moderators are getting sick and tired of this old thread keep being bump up, So with that said, I want to say this, i'm not a FANBOY for only one system, any gamer who loves games woulden't care which system is best or what system sold more, because without the good game your HARDWARE is nothing, I was a nintendo fan way back when Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Cube and now the Wii came out but after the 64, Nintendo started to go downhill from there and the GameCube sold alot of systems too just like the Wii but after a while it died out and the Nintendo DS became the top seller for Nintendo not the GameCube, Man I remember way back then when it was only Nintendo and Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Dreamcast, Sega master System, Sega GameGear, back then these console ruled the gaming world but ever sense Sony came along with the PS1, PS2 and know the PS3 and the Microsoft Xbox and the 360 thay put a huge dent in Sega and Nintendo sales, and know that Sega just makes games for consoles and Nintendo is the only one and if thay continue to bring out these types of games that are aim towards kids like thay did with the GameCube, Who knows what's going to happen in the long run, but Put aside in what a system can do and look at what kind of Games these company are bringing out and you have to admit that judging at the Wii upcoming titles and this what kinda brought down the GameCube at the end and if Nintendo continue to bring out games that are aim towards kids, it will also fail later like GameCube in the long run, Every system has there weak points the PS3 and 360 are too expensive, the Wii lacks Graphic's and HD content, Nintendo needs to go back to their roots and get back when thay were on top but until then the PS3 and 360 just look more appealling towards the older crowd that whats to play better looking games. I know most of the people here are going to defend their console because thay spend alot of money or not but don't Judge a system just because it is expensive that is just simply ridiculous because your not looking at the performance of the console, your looking at th price and if the PS3 price was different and Sony kept the price the same your opinion will change. All of you have to experience all 3 consoles in your home in order for you to have a opinion, not by what other websites are saying or playing at your local Target or GameStop or where ever you test out consoles and their games because that's no way to fully experience a console, it's like for an example if your an PC user and you know you want a Mac but everyone talks down towards the Mac so you stick with what you know which is a PC and Windows without brothering to use a Mac, Who knows you might like the Mac, That's is the same thing about you and the Wii that's all you know is Nintendo and your not willing to try whats out there and maybe that something like the PS3 and 360 is better in what your use too. Just remember this fact your not buying a console just because it has motion sensor controller or it has Blu-Ray or HD-DVD or I can instant message my buddy or e-mail them from my console all that is secondary, YOU buy these consoles because you like the Games not what it can do, that's just a small part in your console experience and if you like the Wii games over the 360 and PS3 games then good for you but there is no games out for the Wii that can kill off the PS3 or 360, Just name One game that can take down the PS3 and the 360, Just looking at Wii titles I just don't know, I guess I have to wait and see what Nintendo is going to do as for PS3 and the 360 like I said in my prior post games like Tekken 6, Halo 3, Bio Shock, Elder Scrolls, Metal Gear 4, Gran Turismo HD, Grad Theft Auto IV, Virtua Fighter 5, Gears Of War, Resistence ETC.. Man those are Games and until Nintendo can come out something like that and maybe thay will, i'm sticking with my PS3 and 360 and just let my two sons have the Wii But I will still play the Wii time to time because I still want to beat Zelda Twilight Princess that game is awesome.



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Wii is supposed to just appeal to older late 20s crowd. Its for everyone who doesn't want $599 aids.

And in all honesty, most people aren't fanboys, its just people will go for what they think suits them and is cheapest.

I'm keeping my free samsung cell phone, since I don't need the magical iphone (lol Cisco owns the trademark). Same with game consoles, I like xboxes, but I've never owned one. I didn't buy a ds lite, just because my ds has one dead pixel, etc.

And lastly, just like how I have a pc and mac, I'm still going for a ps3. (no love for xbox until it gets more then 3 games I like, or I want a media center)

Protip: Paragraphs.

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Wii is a lot of fun but if you're supposed to be sleeping or something PS3 is better cause you can play it when your in your bed. So...that's just one point.

bed is for sleeping, if you are ill, its for illin.

otherwise stop bein so lazy and go taste some sunlight! :P

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playstation 3 of course, nintendo stuff is for kid...

I dont agree as well. I wouldn't spend any money on the PS3 unless its a couple of years from now when the prices drop. I still find that the XBOX 360 and the nintendo Wii are better. PS3 is also too big and bulky. I also dont care too much for the logo design on it as well (that font is too outdated)...

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