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playstation 3 or nintendo wii

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While everyone seems to argue that the Wii will be fun, i'm still not sure if i can justify spending money on a new product using last generation's technology and a fancy controller. That said this is a hypothetical argument for me because i'm unlikely to buy any games console, but if i were it would be the PS3.

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well. In singapore, cars are EXTREMELY expensive, and the concept is, if cars are so expensive, why not get the best? So, ultimately, people drive around in 5/6/7 series bmw's, ferrari's and mercs tend to be the favourites.

Likened to a gaming console, IF I too had the "hard earned" money to spend on a console, I would not go for second best. I am told by my loyal stuff mag that the wii will have more games due to its technology, but correct me if im wrong, isnt play station going to impliment motion sensors too? Despite this, the playstation looks like the better console, the bmw if you will. I would spend my money on something with the latest and best stuff, even if it costs a bit more.

Good luck on your decision making.

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yes I would say so, just by looking at your avatar :)

but anyway I was just throwing a bit of a joke, of course it'll depend on your own taste. But my point was games designed for the Nintendo platform are in general targeted at a younger audience that those developped for PS3 or XBOX, and while I'm 24 (sigh, getting old) it's normal that I would go for the PlayStation platform.

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Wii first, then ps3 when prices and bugs are worked out. I bought a launch 360, bad idea, thing crapped out on me a few weeks later.

Same with me, sans XBox 360. My two favoritest franchises are Zelda and Metal Gear (I own most Nintendo gaming systems and all but one game I own for them is not Zelda related) :( .

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playstation 3 of course, nintendo stuff is for kid...

Take that back. And play some Link's Awakening. (or some pokemon)

Also wii first, and I'm getting both. have to wait a bit for the ps3s, for whatever problem is with them to be fixed.

Also what I don't like about the ps3 is the work involved to develop for it. The great mgs4 is using a core for everything but sound, and another core for sound. The other cores are aren't touched.

Tecmo's Team Ninja is standing with the 360 because of the ease to develop, and they usually go for the most powerful system.

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360, baby-- waiting till middle of next year when they will use the newer chip fab process so we don't overheat!

wii looks like a lot of effort-- way too gimicky, seriously. for fanboys only.

ps3-- no rumble, crappy controller, crappy online multiplayer games, $$$$, and no halo!

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i ahte the fanboi attitue that nintendo is for kids because nintendo doesn't belive that ultra violence games are right.

anyway, Nintendo are making a GAMES console not a multi-media centre for your dvd's/blu-ray/hd-dvd/music and anything else.

anyway, i've played all generations of nintendo's and loved them all.

i want a ps2 for gt4 only.

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I've already got a Wii and Zelda Twilight Princess on pre-order, and I'll be first in line to pick it up on Launch Day. Beyond that, though, I'll just see what's best when I have the money; I want to get a PS3 and 360 as well, but I'm sure as hell not paying £400 for a games console. But both have their good and bad points, and a good selection of games, so I'll just see what comes my way.

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i would go for the wii just because they are bringing back the classics.

to duyvan earlier, you say your old and nintendo games are for kids but what about all the original games we grew up on? i probally have zero interest in the new releases but im all about some original nintendo action.

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playstation 3 of course, nintendo stuff is for kid...

I feel kinda sorry for you, because that attitude means you miss out on a whole lot of fun. I've always been a Playstation guy, but a couple of years ago Nintendo came into my life in shape of the GameCube. Sure I've played Mario 64, as well as other titles on older consoles, but it wasn't until the GameCube that I really got the Nintendo bug.

It's certainly true that Nintendo's main focus isn't on graphics, with the exception of Res4 and Wind Waker. But there is a whole other concept in play here, and it's gameplay. It sounds like a horrible cliché, but before playing games like Paper Mario 2 and Animal Crossing, I thought games were supposed to play like your typical Playstation game. (Although The Jak & Daxter series, Rez and Vice City brought me close).

Sure, Nintendo game characters are usually so cute it is sickening, but that's a price I'm willing to play not to have to sit through a pointless, non-engaging FPS's again. So please do not mistake childish looking games with games for kids. Besides, what is wrong with feeling like a kid again? I take pride in keeping my inner child alive. For gods sake, I still cry like a little schoolgirl when watching Artificial Intelligence, and I'm only mildly embarressed to say so.

So, what I'm trying to say is, that I couldn't think of a worse argument for not trying out a Nintendo. That said, I'm probably getting myself a PS3 as well, if anything, just to be able to play Resident Evil 5.

Note to self: Learn to be concise.

Note to self 2: I can't believe I said the thing about crying like a little schoolgirl.

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Since 360 is officially launching in India, I had my hands-on experience with it last week... I'd say it was pretty impressive (I liked the new controller).... but then, I've been always fan of PlayStations, I'd reserve my comment till I get to try one !!

Besides, I ain't spending my hard earned money of either of the devices...... I already spent it on my system a year back, and saving now for Quad-Core + CrossFire in next year.. :D

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