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Eventually a KDE/Qt theme close to Mac

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Hi everybody.

I was migrating to linux lately and faced one problem. There's a plenty of mac-looking skins for GNOME (one of them is glorious Gno-SX discussed somewhere around), but I cannot find something right-looking for KDE. There's popular Baghira theme in kde-look.org and others, but I don't like it (it looks too much Panther, when I wish for Tiger look). And even here I cannot find the right theme.

I noticed that the whole KDE look and feel reminds of OSX. There're animated progress bars and hilighted edit fields, and those scrollbars with both scrolling buttons on the bottom... ahh, so nice (I loved that feature in OSX since first seen screenshot), but this looks too much KDE because of Lipstik theme... The whole two desktop environments (MacOS Aqua and KDE) seem to be parallel, even Safari browser is based on Konqueror... But... can I get some sweetness because of this parallelity?

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Thanks, vkeios. I already have compiz (it is called Beryl since September), and I can't already live without it. And window decorations (header and buttons) are of course as on the screenshot under your link. I just wish to go further and have widgets (i.e. buttons, edit fields, scrollbars and others) modified to Aqua look.

The only problem is that GNOME isn't sweet enough for me (though I have nice Aqua themes installed for it), but KDE is more difficult to customize (though it is very smooth-looking).

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