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MacSwitch by Landvermesser (Alt-Tab Replacement)

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Works great! Now if only there was a way to get rid of that small delay and use icons from the app, it would be fantastic. Thanks Landvermesser

Thanks friends! :D

With the delay and memory usage - it is not simply, i use the Windows GDI+ DLL and it work so. I try to use 3-d party app for screenshots (or may be write it).

Icons from apps are normally 32x32 pixels size and can not be good resized. But i can add the special mode of MacSwitch with support of standart Windows icons and with small main window. OK, i'll try to make it.

you may want to disable it appearing in the taskbar each time you press alt+tab

Oops! Sorry! It will be fixed. ( i don't use the Taskbar... hehe... )

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YES Landvermesser is back!! :D

*Tip to all: put MacSwitch.exe in Rk Launcher's Exclusion list "Never minimize in Rk Launcher"

/EDIT: After 30 minutes or so a very strange bug occurs... The default windows Alt + Tab appears and scrolls all by itself... without the need of my mouse from application to application

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OK, the version 1.0 "Stable" is ready to download. Some bugs are fixed, custom font and custom start size are now possible. Und "quick switch" without GUI showing is added.

Thank for updated, but when I change code of IconStartSize and Font.

It won't change anything? :(


SimplyGUI = 1

# Set SimplyGUI = 1 to speed. Set SimplyGUI = 0 to get correct alpha-transparency. But it is a bit slower.

SimplyGUITrans = 255

# Transparency of Simply GUI ( 1 : 255 )

IconStartSize = 64

# Only 128, 96 and 64 sizes are supported ! If you set IconStartSize less as 128, please don't delete the folder Images128 weil it is used for icons convertion.


Font = Handel Gothic

TextSize128 = 11

TextSize96 = 10

TextSize64 = 8

TextStyle = Bold

# Set TextStyle Bold or Norm

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Nice Application but I have the problem that when pressing Alt+Tab no images appear but a text"....png". After the first installation it worked fine but after a restart it just shows this text. How can I change that, any idea ?Thanx Dodl

May be new installation help? Not forget exit old version before install new.

Thank for updated, but when I change code of IconStartSize and Font.

It won't change anything?

You must restart the application after editing the initialisation file.

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Is it possible to make Macswitch so that it doesn't recognize Styler's shadow? I use Styler shadow for iTunes but it also applies a shadow to Macswitch, which makes it not look as good. Many thanks.

Thanks for the bug report, i'll try to correct it.

anyway i not sure if you could use windows XP's native transparency function to achieve the same effect W/o the delay and such glitches when the screen behind changes

Note, that the MacSwitch only EMULATES the alpha-transparency. It is not the real transparency, the window is not transparent, it is only the background with the last screenshot. I have no idea how to use "windows XP's native transparency function" with AutoHotkey's script language. may be with C++... But i don't know C++...

Sorry :confused:

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