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New iPod 5G.. Search feature??

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I just bought a 30GB white 5g ipod. I know the ipods are now supposed to have a search feature, and that the 30GB was one of the newer models... so why don't I have this? I even upgraded the firmware to v1.2 and I get everything BUT search.

What makes me so agravated about this is that I just bought it, and the newer 5g ipods came out weeks ago, and I spent $250 just as if it was new!

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I would imagine trying to use the click wheel to type in the name of a song would be tedious anyway. Maybe if you have a full 80gb model its worth it, but I doubt it would be for anything else.

Just count your blessings that you are lucky enough to HAVE an iPod, much less a brand new 5g one :P

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