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Why don't Apple advertise Macs in the UK

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I doubt if Apple would rule out a whole country due to (lack of) sales :o If sales were down, advertising would be the one thing guaranteed to increase it.

I recently bought an iMac and MacBook and most places were out of stock :o

Oh and they are def marked up here in the UK Wizard, the macbook was £750 and the iMac £800 :o:O:O

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i believe they sometimes advertise on local television in singapore. Everyone already knows what an ipod is, and its reputation, and thats what they try and sell most. In singapore however (home of creative... shudder.. I have a huge story about that company and how, living in singapore, i had to take my first mp3 player back to their stupid factory 7 times) people seem to buy ipods anyway. People also know if they want to see the advertisement they can see the internet :)

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They advertise them in Canada fairly often on tv. Ontario at least.

(the nerd vs artyguy/pc vs mac ads)

I've seen those way more than ipod commercials.

Toronto has ALOT of iPod billboard ads (or at least when I was there in them summer)

Never seen an Apple ad in Western Canada though.


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