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iPod Nano Problems

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I have a 1mg apple nano ipod. I have no problems when I first installed it. But all of sudden the ipod icon has disappeared from the source box. Its not downloading any songs. It use to download and press recently added and it automatically updated. It doesn't do that. Doesn't recognise the programe. When I try to download the quicktime cames up and I can't download any songs. My old songs are still on Ipod but on computer. I have updated version of Itunes.

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may be a problem with the USB port you are using.Try connecting to a USB 2.0 hi-speed port

the same thing happens with me (i have 1Gb iPod nano) and the iTunes don`t respond sometimes

so i tried to close it and unplug the iPod manually and plugging again , iTunes opens automatically and adding the latest added songs but i can't update the software plz help

I forgot , I'm using PC not Mac.

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Have you got the most recent iPod Update software on your Nano??

If that doesn't work it could be a restore needed.

Keep in mind you will virtually wipe all data on your ipod.

So if you have any photos, songs on the ipod that are not saved on your Computer you might want to think twice.

Try this First:

HARD RESET (this wont delete anything)

Then try software update for ipod

Then try it on a friends computer

Then if no luck do a restore.

(this will delete everything and turn your ipod into how it was when you bought it)

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Thnx Celticsun for reply , but i already have the latest software iPod update installed on my iPod nano (version 1.3) but i can sync music only , can't sync photos or podcasts or audiobooks

I also tried Hard Reset but in vain . THe Huge problem is that my nano can't make even restore

and i tried it many times. by the way how much time does it take to restore it when i fully used all the capacity ??

and a weird message is saying ..>>> " This iPod cannot be updated .unknown error (-50) had occuared . the disk cannot be written from or to it

I Don't know what to do. plz tell me if there is an iPod update software newer than (2006-01-10)

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Hmmm sounds a little more serious then.

Does the ipod turn on? Can you use it as normal (except for syncing)

Has it always been used on a PC?

Have you any friends with a Mac? They might be able to restore it for you?

Are you using USB 2.0 and not FireWire? (Have to ask)

Where did you buy your Nano from and how long have you had it?

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Finally i restored it .... i must plug it to the usb port ... THEN install the software..not the contrary -as said on the user manual...after that i have put the photos , pdcasts , music and every thing

But i have a small notice : after i have restored my iPod , the setting "Volume Level" disappeared and can't find it

and i bought my nano from the official apple store in Cairo,Egypt

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