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I read the code and found it very dificult to add unicode support (because of the way I'm writting the text into screen, ie I'm using a bitmap font technique... :S)


New version... yes, I know, so much time. Previous release was from a year ago. Because of tengshj request I found I could do some fix for when an app is frozen (WinExposé frozes too, instead of omit the app).

Now WinExposé should freeze in such case (but it will display the app as a black rectangle). Be warned that even though WinExposé doesn't freeze then, it will freeze if you click the black rectangle :P



I think I found another way... to unicode the code.

It may not display the gray shade behind text properly, but at least should be displaying japanese/chinese/korean/arabian/russian/whatsoever text correctly.

Version is 2008-09-02-b (uploading at the time of writting this edit).

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New version 2008-09-03:

- WinExposé won't pop up when you are playing your fullscreen games :)

- Background shade on window title now correctly covers whole text on unicode strings.


May I just trim the text when too long, with a "..." instead? (for e.g. "Sony Entertainment - Mozil..." instead of doing two lines).

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New version 2008-09-03:

- WinExposé won't pop up when you are playing your fullscreen games :)

- Background shade on window title now correctly covers whole text on unicode strings.


May I just trim the text when too long, with a "..." instead? (for e.g. "Sony Entertainment - Mozil..." instead of doing two lines).

that sounds great! I would just stick with your idea matonga, just replace long texts with "..."

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Hello again matonga, :)

I'm glad to see you're still working on it! ;)

However, I don't see that you've done anything with my bug hunt yet... :(

So I just thought, since it were a lot of different posts, let's put it all together again:

It would make it more of a real Alt-Tab/Exposé replacement if:

- it would cache previews, so that there is no delay anymore when going into Exposé mode;

- it could select windows by the Tab/Shift-Tab and/or cursor keys;

- it would initially select the 2nd window in the Z-order, just as Alt-Tab does;

- you could also expose only windows belonging to the active program, for example all your open IE windows; this is Apple Exposé's original F10 behaviour;

- there was a small delay before the mouse corners activate WinExposé, so that you're not exposed when your mouse slips into a corner for a moment.

It would look better if:

- the setting "Texture size=Normal" would actually be better than "Half size"; now it just appears sharper, but "Half size" can be read better;

- the Window Title Box over the previews would be slightly transparent, not obscuring the preview too much.

And there are five bugs:

- transparent windows are not shown at all;

- all minimized windows are brought to the top of the Z-order;

- windows belonging together are shown separately, like Open/Save windows and their "parent windows";

- Exceptions were previously stored in HKLM, but now in HKCU, whereas the Settings window still looks for them in HKLM, making you lose all your Exceptions every time you change a setting;

- whenever you leave the exposé mode, an invisible window (probably process name WinExposeWnd) is left high in the Z-order (number 2 actually)!

This is annoying because, for example, mouse speed and special button settings (that are not active in exposé mode), are returned to default when you close the top-most window (and that invisible window takes control again)...

So it would be great if that invisible window was either removed completely from the Z-order, or at least put Always-On-Bottom.

I really hope you will be able to fix some of these! Because WinExposé is still the best, but it could be so much better! ;)

Freddy :)

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Very nice program.

Two small bugs I've seen so far:

1. Mouse flickers constantly while WinExpose is activated to switch windows.

2. If I select the desktop and then try to activate WinExpose then it does not function (no matter how many windows are open). It only functions if I click on a window first. So for example, if I hit Show Desktop to see something on my desktop, then I am unable to immediately activate Winexpose to switch back to what I was working on. I have to maximize on of the other windows first.

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matonga.. this is a great app. thanks for it.

i have a few issues/requests to report

1. option to show miinimized windows in expose

2. esc to exit winexpose rather than alt_tab again

3. if i alt_tab and then instead of selecting a window, if i select the desktop I get back out of the winexpose mode. However. desktop icons dont show up (i use emerge desktop + samurize). if i click on the desktop again then they show up. Instead if I alt_tab to exit winexpose I dont see this problem.

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Sorry to post here again, but I've got a problem.

When I press Alt+Tab and I've only got a few applications running, it works fine. But as of right now I've got about 10 programs open and when I try navigate them with WinExposé I get an error report and my whole pc freezes, I can only move my mouse and then I have to open Task Manager to close it.

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I know I posted this before but I am still having problems with the rendering of images during execution of Winexpose-I get black rectangles and blank labels what could be my problem?

This can be incompatibility with video board. Try OpenGL and DirectX mode (I can't remember if software mode still works).

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hello matonga,

I did change the options and tried Open GL , Direct X and the bug testing option and I had problems with them also so I went back to the software engine and tried and it works but the blacking out is not as bad but exposing the windows faster

so I am going to stick with the software engine option I have the 1.0 versoin -Is that the correct one?

Maybe I need to update ?

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Hi matonga,

Your program is great but I have a heavy bug for you.

First my system: Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, nVidia GeForce 8700m GT, 2 displays in DualView mode

That's my desktop while using WinExposé:


As soon as I leave the fullscreen mode my desktop looks so:


The right screen is set as primary.

I hope you can fix that. ;-)

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