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this programs is great...!!!!!!!

great work.....

better than those retail ones....

but there are still some issues... that I hope would be solved....

one thing is I can't read japanese and other languages when they are

shown as window title.. they just crack..

I think there is still no support for unicodes...

and it flicks when I have some programs running...

one example is 'limewire'

If I have it running, it flicks when I get the expose to show..

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yes, that happens with some programs that don't use the standard win32 apis to draw windows... this also happens with openoffice and I don't think there's an easy solution to it

I hope matias continues developing winexpose or releases it as open source, since it is a high quality program... only with some bug that need to be squashed..

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Hi everybody, I got this request from agentmrphish:

hey, i dunno if you can help with this but I asked this question in a thread and I dont think people have done this, but im looking for a line argument that i can set in my RK launcher to do the expose function with winexpose whenever i push the dock icon. If you knew and could tell me that would be much appreciated.

more details from the thread: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=46167


So, I did this little app:


Just drop it in some folder (may be same than WinExpose.exe), then add a shortcut to it (to winexpose_popper.exe) on your favourite dock app, or maybe your desktop, RunMe, or whatever ;)

And presto! You have a new way to enter into small windows mode.

For anyone interested in technical details, this is the whole source code of winexpose_popper:

SendMessage (FindWindow (NULL, "WinExposeWnd"), WM_HOTKEY, 100, 0);


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Hi Matias,

I like WinExpose a lot, It's not compared to MAC but it works. Since I found this software I follow your software upgrades. I have a suggestion I don't know if someone else already did but here it is; Support for two screens, Windows have the feature to extend the windows desktop. It doesn't work when you have that and If you run it, It get stuck. My apologize If you have already fix this problem, please tell me how to do it because I didn't find the solution.



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I am pre-C,C++,java, windows generation so my programing skills are of no use. (:

However, my software designs are timeless.

In place of any of these expose clones, All I need is a hot-key to reduce all windows to pre-set (by moi) size and with text size set to "smallest". Optionally to reduce the header to only the name with the narrowest height, also no command and status bars. Do not update the last view of the folder.

And a second hot-key to bring them back to full size with preset (by moi) text size, or more elegantly to their last view.

I believe this is in XP under control panel-> folder option->view->advanced setting-> remember each folder's view!

This would give me all the functionality I need with minimum programming and overhead and leaves all the desktop functionality on. One can take advantage of all facilities in XP windows like:

- actually seeing the action live in the reduced windows with notification of end of the update. I think this is also a standard feature in XP!

Though I know nothing of how Win XP or Vista is designed & programmed, these two (small) routines should be 100% portable to Vista and beyound.

it is simply like macro's in excel or I assume what is called scripts.

The first says: go through all windows and reduce them to a standard size with minimum-size text, do not update the last view.

The second says: go through all windows and enlarge them to their last saved view (size and text size).

I prefer these two routines to be placed on the RIGHT_CLICK menu, and if popular on two Hot-keys as global action and/or icons on deskto; and on the command menu, just for this window.

Please note the two macro's are the same routine with a couple of parameters.

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I´ve got a problem with winexpose... when I expose my windows, my wallpaper is in bottom positions corrupted.. Any solutions? Check the screenshot

A tip for a maybe-quick-fix:

Try resizing your wallpaper (the .jpg you are using) to make it smaller (better: make it be the same size that of your screen size).

I know Windows resizes the picture to fit in the screen, but WinExposé can't screenshot the desktop, so it loads the wallpaper by itself, and maybe it has problems with too big wallpapers.

What is your wallpaper size? Does resizing the wallpaper work? What video board do you have?

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