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nice tool but i have some ideas too :)

1.) i think it where good that there will be an option in the winexpose options menue that allow u to close or terminate an aplication by right clicking the mouse.

(checkbox - right click mouse - terminate or close)

i will prefer terminate

2.) an option for visible and minimized windows (all windows maximized/minimized/windowed/spartial/group etc.) with bonus options such as (always show firefox left on top)

3.) an excecute option that u will not see the program but the icon of it (example - disable the view of the photoshop window - show instead a programm icon (select target to png/jpg/ico)

also with bonus options such as (view the icon right on bottom)

best regards

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Jun 17, 2007

* Fixed some issues about using the DirectX engine and some DirectX accelerated video game at the same time (currently tested against Need For Speed Underground 2). However WinExposé sometimes stops responding, will try to fix that later.


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Just downloaded and tried, and man that's great!! Didnt try the other expose clones ever before as they were comercial and didnt even look very encouraging but this is it! Well I don't know yet if it makes problems with full-screen applications like games videos etc., think it should deactivate by default though it would be quite usefull on videoapplications. Maybe an "include" list for that matter.

As I dont use two Monitors anymore, my last wish was to never give it an installer. Keep it as unzip-and-go, love that way :]


Ah, need to attach something: Would be nice if you could cancel the process by pressing Escape;

I think you can't aviod every conflict, for example when all windows are minimized in rocketdock, got a messenger like trillian docked to the edge, etc. There will always be some reason that for expose can't get a single window centered. With no window to select, you're stuck and need to quit expose in the systray.



Hmm sorry, might it be that, I just discovered, you can cancel by right-clicking?

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i have a bug report,

apparently when using windows live messenger, if you expose the minimized conversation.. after clicking it the window size decrease but still actually having the original size... (top part of the window repeats itself) i think it is due to the fact that the menubar can hide itself. thus that space causes this problem.

i know i can disable exposing minimized items. but with that i cannot see the popups that are minimized (i have object bar. so i cant really see active but minimized objects)

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Uh, I've found a new bug:

When Firefox is open (which is quite often), sometimes the whole display "freezes", and I can't do anything anymore. When I kill explorer.exe, the taskbar hides, but the display is still frozen; when I restart WinExpose.exe, everything is normal again.

(I'm afraid I don't know how to reproduce it.)

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