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Music and Stage Sound


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I'm interested what do the bands use on stage so that they hear the vocals better ?

I saw that some bands use something in their ear... what's that exactly ?

can anyone explain that to me please ? :)

(btw I asked this here cause I'm a bit lazy to register on other forums)

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The in ear kind is called a personal monitor. Based on the same wireless technology as a wireless microphone.

They have been around for almost 10 years.

A good PM system will run about $1,000

The Shure PSM 600 Wireless Personal Monitor System is one of the better ones.


They make cheaper ones, but they suck.

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someone's rich

Not rich... comfortable is a term I prefer. I worked my *** off for every one of them.

nice collection rjohnstone :)


I have a few more not pictured.

Here's another one that I just finished building.

Crappy pic, camera phone.


Sorry for the thread hijack... I love my toys.

My Jackson PC1 and PC3 are my favorites.

They play like butter.


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yeah those guitars are very nice :)

I tried one of those jacksons when I bought my Ibanez... the sound was too heavy-metal like...

I needed a more alternative-rock sound...

I always find those comments confusing.

A guitar can sound like whatever you want it to. It's called amp and effects settings.

For example the guitar you have, GAX70, is very much like the Jackson JJ series.

The pickup specs are identical and the body shape is nearly the same as well.

I've seen guys play full on country finger picking stuff on a Jackson Rhoads V.

It's not the guitar, it's the player.

I think most people look at a Jackson and think metal because of the designs and body shapes.

Most of my jackson's, hell most of my guitars in general, would hardly be considered "heavy-metal" guitars.

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nice guits,

RK i think inear monitoring kinda sukz,(at least for me),

unless it is a big gig, and lots of mics around, we use in ear, just to avoid feedback,

but those huge boxes on the stage r the best, u can also step on top of it and it looks cool,.lol

and btw why would u buy it for ureself(unless u manage the sound too),just tell the sound guy to arrange it for u b4 the gig...

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actually here in Romania I can't tell the guys with the sound to arrange that...

you just have to live with what they got :(

and usually the monitors are so bad that you just can't hear yourself well enough...

(I mostly mean the vocals)

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