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RK launcher not saving settings


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I have rk launcher in my start up folder and is in place at the bottom of the screen.

However it recently said that it had to quit for some unknown reason and from now on it starts in the top left of the screen

Also it has all effects and behaviour check boxes unchecked. Even when i change it to save settings on change and exit it will not save these settings.

I would upgrade to the new nightly version if someone knew a way to save the settings of rk launcher so that all the programs listed and icons used can be kept.

Any ideas?

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ok i got the settings part fixed but what is going on now? its like every few seconds a minimized version of my taskbar, also when i minimize something it goes to the left, when previously it went just before the recycle bin on the right, please help

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Its ok now i got it all sorted :) think it was more to do with my computer that rk launcher itself.

However ive just one problem, i seem to be getting something minimized to the dock which i cant understand what it is.

It shows my taskbar, im using windowblinds at the moment and added the option to the exclusions list but im still getting this showing in the dock.

Any ideas?


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