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Click the image to download the latest version of iKons from the DeviantArt site

Hello everyone! :)

Widget Information

Click the image above to download the latest of my newest Widget called "iKons". It should work both on the Mac OS X and Windows platforms, and is supported by Yahoo Widget Engine v. 3.1 or greater.

The iKons Widget is basically an application launcher (or a shortcuts manager) which works similarly to desktop icons, but is much more powerful. You just choose an icon, write the text, choose a target (path or URL address) and you have an iKon! You can also play with the variety of settings in order to customize the Widget to your own taste B)


Those screenshots can give you a slight idea what iKons is about, but don't forget - you can customize iKons the way you like it:

screenshot1fv5.th.jpg screenshots2ol4.th.jpg

Wallpaper: "Snowscape" by Adam Fowler.

Icons set: "Amora" by David Lanham.

Images are hosted on PhotoBucket.com


  • Version 0.9.3 released (September 21st, 2006)
    2 additional icon sizes: 32x32 and 48x48 and a feature for Windows users - shortcuts to the "My Computer", "Control Panel" or "My Network Places" folder. I also fixed some bugs.


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Just right click the iKon, choose "iKon Preferences" and click the image at the top left corner of the window which should pop up. Select a "png", "gif" or "jpg" file and you'll see the new icon on your desktop.

Alternatively, just drag and drop an image file to the image you see on the top left corner of the "iKon Preferences" window.

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Very nice!

A couple of requests - I would like to see a 32x32 icon size. Additionally some capability to generate custom labels would be nice like you can with AveDesk pidl shortcuts would be great. I'm thinking of things like drive size, size of free space, etc.

Also, I'll keep playing but how do I set icons to on the desktop to items like My Computer and Network Neighborhood?

Thanks for a really nice, complete widget.


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Thanks SMF :) I'm glad to see you like it.

I will add some more icon sizes to the next version, and you can add dynamic data to labels - just click the little gray button on the left part of the labels boxes (in the iKon Preferences window) - if you specify a file, folder or drive path in the "target" box, you'll see all information you can add.

You can show information such as: file size, disk total space, disk free and used space.

I might an option to add a My Computer and Network Neighborhood shortcuts.

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Great - I hadn't seen that. I'll put in a request for a "new line" so that you could have a two line sub label (I know, getting pretty demanding...;) )

I'll also add that you've got quite a professional looking and complete widget. I really like the flexibility as well as the iKon list feature. It's obvious you've put a lot into the widget.

It would be super if you could add the capability for "system" iKons like My Computer and Network Neighborhood. Perhaps you could leverage info in this thread - http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=17496 for info.

I have to say the main reason I use AveDesk is for the customizeable pidl shortcuts. I use Konfabulator (ok, yahoo widgets) for everything else. Your getting me close to using only Konfabulator.

Thanks again,


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Thanks a lot :) Actually, I developed this Widget since I didn't want to use both AveDesk and YWE but still be able to show cool icons on my desktop. I hope it'll also be an alternative for those who don't want to deal with a cumbersome UI but still be able to have cool icons on desktop.

As I said, I'll try to add special folders shortcuts to next versions but can't promise.

BTW, Mac users - can you please tell me if this Widget works on a Mac?


I added 32x32 and 48x48 icon sizes and an option to choose "My Computer" and "My Network Places" as shortcuts. I tried to add a "Control Panel" shortcut but I don't think it's possible. Any other requests?

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Thanks so much for working on my requests - I can't wait for the update.

On adding things like control panel look at the thread I linked to above. If you take the info provided there (such as ::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}::{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} for control panel) and enter it in the windows run command dialog box the control panel opens. While I'm not a windows programmer it would appear that would be a clue that you can open any of those "system" type windows.

Again - super addition to my desktop.

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Great! Thanks for the update. I'll request that you add Network Neighborhood to your list. You might consider just having a category/item where you enter the strings from my previous link. I noted that you can use the "shell:ControlPanelFolder" in the windows run dialog to open the control panel (the other commands work as well). This is of course much simpler than ::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}::{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}:D

On the potential bug front I noticed an unexpected behaviour. If I line the iKons up vertically on the desktop and lock them in place but don't select snap to grid when my screen saver kicks in and then I unlock my computer the iKons have moved over to a grid position. That is I've locked them in a position that isn't on the grid and they move over to a grid position after I unlock the screen saver.

You've got a winning widget in my book - keep up the good work!


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Thanks again - I really appreciate your help and comments :)

I think that the "My Network Places" is the same folder as the "Network Neighborhood" one and you can already use it in v. 0.9.3.

And thanks for reporting about that bug - I didn't notice that. I'm going to fix it now and I'll upload the fixed version in about 5 minutes so you can download it again to fix the problem.

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Thanks - you're right I can My Network Places is what I need.

I'll get the update in a minute. It's not as much of an issue now because I won't be using AveDesk any more - iKons fits the bill.

Another item to put into your potential updates is color labels ala AveDesk - what I had been doing is having the color background on "selecting" the icon. I found it a nice graphic feature.

Thanks again for making my desktop day.


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Now that I've been using iKons for a while I'm just loving it.

I've thought of something else to consider adding - though I have no idea of how hard it would be. With AveDesk when you set up a link to "My Computer" you have a combination right click menu with both the normal "My Computer" entries as well as the AveDesk entries. It would be great if iKons could do the same as I use those menu items (like "Manage" and "Map Network Drive") often enough that I miss them on the "My Computer" iKon on the desktop.


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Right click an iKon, choose "iKon Preferences" and a new window should pop up. In the "Target" box, specify a drive path (i.e. C:) and look at the Main Label box - there is an arrow button on the right side of it. Click it and choose the information you want to insert to the label.

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