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Pro Live Messenger (coding assistance needed)

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Click on the picture for full view.

I'm making a MSN Live Messenger skin, but I'm stuck. So i'm asking for help with the coding. I have posted it as a request over at the Mess.be forum, here. There are some more pictures over there aswell.

Any help is welcome. And comments about the layout are also welcome.

-Magnus Wild

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Thanks for the nice comments guys.

One more thing! If there is any Windows Blinds skinners out there, I need somebody to make that skin too.

I dont have the right software to make a WB skin. So just contact me if your up for the job.

I thought about making a matching Windows Blinds skin, for the rest of the system, with elements inspired by iTunes 7, like the scrollbars, and the new toolbar buttons. But need help with that.

Btw. thnx for correcting my spelling in the topic, hehe ;)

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For the WB skin, couldn't the OS X Leopard skin by Blitzr be used? The Unified Safari sybstyle is extremely close to this style.

On the skin itself - it's unbelievable. Once it's completed I'll definitely be using it. How far are you into finishing it? If you can let us know where you might be running into problems, I'm sure somebody will be able to help you get this thing out the door and on to our computers.

Edit: You can find some help about the individual sections by reading this. It'll tell you what everything is and where to change things when you open msgsres.dll file in ResHacker.

Also, I've found that Microsoft made it harder to skin because they changed the image format from png to rle which cannot be edited or created by any image editor out currently. There is supposedly a workaround so,...good luck. I'd really like to see this flourish.

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because they changed the image format from png to rle which cannot be edited or created by any image editor out currently.

Photoshop can save RLE files. (Document colors should be Indexed instead of RGB and select BMP as filetype, use RLE compression and then rename that filename.bmp to filename.rle)

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yeah, it's all that Rle crap, I dont get it hehe. I have made most of the scelleton for the clist, just some sizing, putting the images in, moving stuff around and stuff left. but the colors and stuff, hmmmm... Need some help there.

I havnt done alot to the convo window, and I dont think I will until I have finished the clist. Unless someone takes over the coding of this skin.

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Fantastic Lookin skin, i thought i was ichat for windows aswell, glad to see the Grand masters of skinning are back:)

Speaking of iChat for windows.. what would you say is the closest skin to iChat.. mainly the interface is what I wanna know (the speach bubble thing0 I dont wanna use miranda or trillian.. do you guys know of something to make AIM or AIM Triton have the same interface as iChat?

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